Ore Preparation

The core of the above ground plant of the Rammelsberg is the ore dressing plant which moves in seven storeys up the slope of the mountain. In the middle of the 1930’s it was designed by the architects Fritz Schupp and Martin Kremmer, from whose drawing boards other important industry plants arose, for instance the Zeche Zollverein plant--like the Rammelsberg also a World Cultural Heritage site.

The ore dressing plant made it possible to produce concentrates out of the finely-intergrown Rammelsberg ore. Beginning in 1936/42 the concentrates could be smelted in the smelting works in the Goslar district of Oker.

Already during the planning stage for the ore dressing plant it had become clear that the existing buildings no longer met the new demands, which led to the replacement or at least extension of nearly the entire above ground plant between 1936 and 1939.

Additional very noticeable parts of the above ground plant, the storehouse and the administration building, were constructed on the former ore depot site and provided the northerly and southerly boundaries of the new plant courtyard. The storehouse also closes the plant courtyard off from the mine train station further to the north. Above the entire plant, slightly off the central axis, the Fördergerüst (conveyor frame) juts up out of the Rammelsberg shaft, which was the main transportation shaft of the ore mine works from 1938 to 1988. To the north of the ore dressing plant the around 30 years older power station, in neo-Romanesque style, was integrated in the new buildings.

The connecting element of the above ground plant buildings is the plant street, which runs in a north-south direction perpendicular to the central axis about five meters above the plant court yard.


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