Building M

Artistic: cultural history on three flours

Mining on the Rammelsberg was the basis for the labour and the life of the people on the northern fringe of the Harz Mountains. In the storehouse building of the former ore mine works the cultural history exhibit has been installed. What miners achieved, how they lived, and how their work affected the town and landscape is unfolded here in a colourful panorama which is impressive in the wealth of information and great variety of media employed.

The history, technology and the economy are, alongside numerous other aspects, given their own individual areas in which detailed questions are extensively discussed and the conclusions clearly illustrated. Out of the entirety of all the exhibit areas a comprehensive view of human labour and community life, which was influenced by mining and itself gave mining at the Rammelsberg its characteristic imprint, emerges.

Everywhere there are reminders of the original use of the storehouse building, which seems to stand in counterpoint to the exhibit elements. In this way here again the integration of the working place past and present is made apparent. A walk through this parallel world provides an experience not soon to be forgotten.

Internationales Musikfest Goslar 2014
18.00 Uhr

Aufbruch ins Freie

Ein Konzertparcours zu Luigi Nono
Ensemble Megaphon und Julia Mihaly Sopran
Stadtprojektchor Goslar, Leitung: Carsten Jelinski

Werke von Luigi Nono, Helmut Lachenmann, Gerald Eckert, Thierry Blondeau, Georg Friedrich Händel, John Dowland und Erik Satie

20,00 €
Kinder 15,00 €
Niedersächsische Musiktage 2014
15.00 Uhr

„Glückauf“ ein Wandelkonzert Musik, Film und Vortrag

22,00 €
Kinder 16,50 €
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