Family Tours

Family Tours

The family tour is tailored especially to children. They stand front centre, are allowed to be curious and to ask many questions and from the very beginning to learn a new language: the miners’ language.

Together with parents or grandparents the children visit the colourful sculpture of a horse which is on display in the former storehouse building. The well known artist John Chamberlain created it in 1994 for the benefit action, “Children in Bosnien”. This long-term loan from the Mönchehaus Museum of Modern Art takes reference to the theme of the legendary Knight called Ramm. Children and adults learn where the Rammelsberg got its name. They hear the legend of discovery but also an entirely different truth about this unusual name.

Following this, the tour goes underground into the 200-year-old Roeder Gallery. After a few metres the children and adults slowly pass through a short dark segment of the gallery. Not to worry, those who wish can also carry a Frosch mine lamp with them. Soon we run into bright blue gallery walls. Did someone paint them? Further along we enter into the mountain. The first of the two gigantic wood waterwheels which are to be experienced can be set in motion. Loud din accompanies the movement, and when quiet again reigns the mine guide explains what the wheel was used for. After passing the second waterwheel the tour returns to the light above ground. A small quiz completes this eventful tour.

Participants: 15 to 20 persons (children of 4 years and older)
Duration: 1.5 hours
Location: Former storehouse exhibit building (Ritter Ramm Horse), Roeder Gallery (short tour)
Price: Children 4 €; adults 8 €

For all family tours and workshops the number of participants is restricted to 20 persons. Booking under:
+49 5321 750-122

Further dates, according to your wishes, available upon booking (minimum 15 persons).


Vom 2. November 2015 bis 13. März 2016 haben wir von 9.00 bis 17.00 Uhr geöffnet!
Start der letzten Führung ist um 15.15 Uhr.

Preis z.B. Tageskarte Museum mit einer Führung

13,00 €
Kinder 8,00 €
Weitere Infos und Termine finden Sie in unserem Veranstaltungskalender.