The “Club of the curious Mine Dwarfs”

A total of 12 boys and one girl, aged 8 to 13 years, are the “curious mine dwarfs” of the Rammelsberg. Together with the Museum’s educationalist they have founded a club. Since February 2005 they have been meeting here and their self-designed logo, Grufti the Mine Guide, a worm who mines, is their mascot.

Mine Dwarfs

Every second Thursday of the month between 3:00 p.m. and 5:45 p.m. they explore the underground world of the Rammelsberg, experience the Museum buildings, question the personnel, explore the mining landscape around the Rammelsberg, identify minerals, experiment with vitriol (colourful metal sulphides in the Roeder Gallery) or even examine genuine museum exponents. And without effort everyone can learn a lot, for example about professions in the Museum, how slate and ore are formed or that some people got rich from the ore of the Rammelsberg mines, but not the miners themselves.

Some of the Mine Dwarfs are sometimes put to work as mine guides both above and below ground--underground of course only in the accompaniment of an adult colleague.

Anyone interested in participating should give us a call, quickly!

Gesine Reimold ( +49 5321 750-154)

Weihnachtlicher Rammelsberg - Der Vorverkauf hat begonnen
13.12.2014 - 14.12.2014
11.00 - 17.00 Uhr

Alle Jahre wieder: Weihnachtlicher Rammelsberg Der Roeder-Stollen im Kerzenschein, Weihnachtsmärkte über und unter Tage, Kulinarisches und Musik aus dem Harz

7,00 €
Kinder 3,00 €
11.00 Uhr

Vortrag: Gesine Reimold, Goslar: „Vermittlung am Weltkulturerbe Rammelsberg – Eine Standortbestimmung mit Ausblick“

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