End in sight

The work at the Ore mine Rammelsberg in the 1960s and 1970s

The last active decades were characterized by changes, challenges and the inexorable approach to the end of the centuries-old mining chapter 
"I can pave the yard with the old ones," was how the then mine director Emil Kraume described the difficult situation in the ore mine around 1970. The deposit was almost exhausted and the closure of the operation was approaching. But despite this gloomy outlook, there were glimmers of hope: technical innovations and changes to work processes increased the efficiency of ore mining, and the spirit of community among the miners remained unbroken. 
With a hearty "Glückauf", our mine guides welcome you to the team hut, the place where the Rammelsberg miners changed before and after their shift. Here you will get your first impressions of the working atmosphere and the challenges faced by the Rammelsberg miners. The tour then continues on foot to various stations above and below ground. At individual locations, you will learn more about the mine's workforce, occupational health and safety measures and mining training. 
Afterwards, the mine guides will take you to the permanent exhibition in the Museumshaus Magazin. Here, the stories of the Rammelsberg miners come to life through historical photos and selected exhibits. 

The 75-minute tour ends here, but your visit is far from over. Take your time to explore the entire exhibition at your leisure and let the history sink in. 

The number of participants is limited, so we recommend booking early in the peak season.
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Daily at 11.45 am and 1.15 pm

Tour duration
1 1/4 hour

The temperature underground is a constant 12°C and it drips in some places, so we recommend sturdy shoes and jackets!

Minimum age for underground: 4 years