Piwik Besucheranalyse

end of work- tour

- relax underground –

„The mountain was humming!“ is a phrase often used by citizens who lived close to the mine during operation times. The machines of the ore processing plant were ran 24/7, and the extraction works below ground were also very noisy. Today, within our guided tours, we still try to give an authentical impression of the mine's racket to our visitors.

It's totally different, though, after the workday has ended. Then, the mountain lies silent and still, and an almost ruminant athmosphere is created through the unfolding of changed colors, lights and soft sounds.

This special experience can be discovered in a new guided tour (in German only):

location: Weltkulturerbe Rammelsberg – Museum & Besucherbergwerk, Bergtal 19, 38640 Goslar
start: 6 pm, museum pay desk
duration: appr. 2 h
reservation: 05321 – 750 0 / info@rammelsberg.de
cost: 15,00 €, max. 12 pax

Wednesday, Jan 23rd
Wednesday, Feb 27th
Wednesday, Mar 20th
Wednesday, Apr 24th

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