Piwik Besucheranalyse

  • Foto: Stefan Sobotta

    1. Licht und Dunkelheit

    Wie die Bergleute damals müssen wir uns heute bei der Führung aufeinander verlassen können.

  • Foto: Stefan Sobotta

    2. Ritter Ramm

    „Plötzlich brauste es über unseren Köpfen, es war als ob der ganze Berg zusammenstürzte.“

  • Foto: Stefan Sobotta

    3. Die Farben des Berges

    Außerordentlich schön sind die farbigen Metallsalze unter Tage.

The museum offers a variety of tours especially designed for nurseries or school classes. Oriented towards the needs of children of all ages, the offered programs are a valuable enrichment of extracurricular education. Therefore, they complement the school lesson in an ideal way. Our themed tours and activities playfully teach knowledge and empower the children's personal and social competences.
Additionally, the Rammelsberg can be used by our young guests to celebrate their birthday parties.
All offers on request only. If you have any questions regarding our offers for children and young people or would like to make a reservation, please contact Mrs Reimold via: 0049-5321-750-154 or send an email:  reimold@rammelsberg.de