Ring, ring, ring! A shrill bell warns you when the mine train arrives. Now you can embark on your adventure! Like the Rammelsberg miners, you will travel deep into the mountain to your workplace "on site". You will experience a typical miner's day with the mine guide:

After the "Anbeißen" (the miner's breakfast), drilling, blasting and finally loading the ore rock takes place. When the shrill bell of the mine train sounds again, you board the passenger carriages for the trip to the surface. Behind you lies a "shift" in which you can see the mining machines in use, which made the miners' work easier. Nevertheless, it remained hard and exhausting.

Tips and notes

Are you not as fit as you used to be?

Then this tour is the right choice!

Minimum age: 4 years

Guided tours are available in the following foreign languages (upon request):

You want to book a guided tour for a special event? Then please contact us at the mail or phone number below. We will create for you a special offer for an unique experience.

  • Danish
  • English

In the summer months there might be some foreign language guided tours scheduled. Please contact us for further details. 

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