On the lower levels of the former ore processing plant, the exhibit of geology and mineralogy has been embedded into the authentic location. Experience the unique minerals of the Rammelsberg amidst the original machines of the plant! Futhermore, most of the special exhibitions are located within this building.

The ore processing plant is only partly accessible with a wheelchair or stroller and for people with impaired mobility.

From ore to concentrate: the processing

"At the same level as the top of the inclined elevator is the carriage circulation of the processing plant and also the hoisting machine of the Rammelsberg shaft; its scaffolding juts out towards the sky above the building. Where the ore arrived from 1936 to 1988, visitors to the plant today put themselves mentally into a lump of ore and follow it across the various levels down to the mine station, from where it - now enriched in concentrate - made its way to the smelter in Oker. Only then could it be enriched into four different concentrates in the course of flotation, with the addition of water and reagents. Before it was sent on the journey to the hut, the water had to be removed again: in thickeners and vacuum drum filters Processing steps are illustrated during the tour using machines that are specially repaired for this purpose were set, surrounded by the original background noise from the operating time. Visitors can also explore these last stations in the preparation process without competent supervision, because they are located on the lower three levels of the facility, which are considered to be exhibits of their own as the preparation museum house and are at times also atmospheric locations for special exhibitions. "

The text is an excerpt from the Rammelsberg Guide 04, World Heritage Rammelsberg, Living Museum at a Historical Place, A Brief Guide. Hans-Georg Dettmer. 2021. This book can be purchased in our shop.

Please note that several of the sections described in the excerpt can only be viewed as part of a guided tour. Information about this tour can be found here: From lump of ore to concentrate