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The Rathstiefste Gallery is the oldest undergound part of the Rammelsberg which visitors can experience   Clad in original miners' suits, you will travel back in time to the 12th century in this guided tour.  Wading through one of the world's oldest drainage galleries, surrounded by darkness and the dribbling of water, you can discover, in the faint light of a miner's lamp, the omnipresent traces of human work from bygone times. Passing colorful vitriols, ladders will take you up for 40 meters and back to the present.    

At the end of the tour, a typical miners' meal, the „Tscherperessen“, awaits the courageous participants.  

Duration:                   4 h
Group size:               5 to 8 persons, at least 14 years of age
Only upon request and reservation!  

Unfortunately, this tour is not wheelchair- accessible and not suitable for persons with reduced mobility!


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