The Rammelsberg mine has been tested and certified as a barrier free location for people with impaired walking.

The museum and visitors mine are located within the facilities of a former mine, a fact that implies difficulties for people with disabilities to access it. Still, approx. 70% of the areas that are open to visitors have been made accessible with a wheelchair or even barrier free. 

In detail, the following areas can be reached/ the following amenities are available: 

above ground:

  • three handicapped parking spaces, located close to the barrier- free entrance, can be used at no charge. The gate at the entrance is equipped with an intercom, connecting the visitor with the cashier's desk.
  • a barrier- free restroom is located in building L
  • an elevator in three- story- building house M may be used upon request (when accompanied by visitors service)
  • three wheelchairs are available upon request for elderly and disabled visitors
  • the restaurant is wheelchair (stroller, walker) accessible
  • parts of the special exhibition area within museum house A are accessible with a wheelchair (stroller, walker)
  • a ride on the inclined elevator is possible for visitors using a wheelchair (walker, stroller).
  • furthermore, the former blacksmith's as well as the locksmith's shop are accessible with a wheelchair and are equipped with a barrier- free restroom

below ground:

The guided tour „mine train“ is suitable for people using a wheelchair or a walker (with an accompanying person). A former mine car has been remodeled to suit the needs of two wheelchairs and one accompanying person. The area within the mountain, where the tour is leading to, is also wheelchair accessible. 

Accessibility certificate checked

Assistance dogs welcome

The fact that assistance dogs have unrestricted access to our premises, in contrast to other dogs, is nothing new.

What is new in Germany since July 1, 2021 is the so-called “Assistance Dogs Act”, which clearly regulates access for guide dogs or medical alert dogs. In order to make this regulation known to the general public, the Pfotenpiloten initiative is conducting the "Assistance dog welcome" access campaign on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.

The city of Goslar is on the way to becoming an assistance dog-friendly municipality. Various locations and facilities in the city are being tested for this purpose. We too were tested and we passed this test! And that's why we were awarded the "Assistance dog welcome" label on November 12, 2021.

We are very happy about the award and hope that we have made this important campaign a little better known.