The Rathstiefste Gallery - Expedition into the middle ages

For this guided tour you need stamina and waterproof clothing!

Kitted out with a mining lamp and protective equipment you will enter the underground world of mediaeval mining. Everywhere in the Rathstiefste Stollen there is evidence of mining activity from the 12th century (or even older). You will find out how the miners must have felt in this place hundreds of years ago. At the end you will be rewarded with a hearty miner's "Tscherper" meal. Are you ready for an adventure in the oldest accessible water drainage gallery in the world?

Information about the guided tour (only with pre-booking as a group)

Tour duration: 4 hours

Group size 5 to 9 people

Minimum age 14 years

Price: 109 € (incl. Tscherper meal)

Tour dates are displayed in the event calendar. If a desired date is booked out, feel free to contact us so we can arrange for you and your group your own guided tour.

Unfortunately, this tour is not wheelchair- accessible and not suitable for persons with reduced mobility! 

Workshop imaginary

Women and children and the Harz miners

We learn about the work of the miners' wives and find out why the miners' children also had to work to secure the family's livelihood.


We tell you exciting stories about the miners' families, each at: 11:00, 12:00, 14:00.

Playing, handicrafts, painting from 11 am to 3 pm:

During the creative, fun and varied craft, play and painting activities, we offer a miners' dressing-up box and the opportunity to act out a short story. In addition, there will be a tactile pannier, a pannier race and a wheelbarrow and ore-carrying race. The program is complemented by the old craft technique of lace-making with Angelika Kiebach from the Harzklub e. V.. The children of the miners and their favorite animal will be the focus of the craft and painting table.

Over-day admission (included when booking guided tours) + €2 material costs per person

Date: 11th May

Blacksmith courses at the Rammelsberg – Create your own Tscherperknife

Also known today as a Tscherper, this hand-forged knife was an indispensable universal tool for every miner. He used it for all sorts of jobs like cleaning the lights, repairing the equipment and checking the wooden tunnel support, which was vital for survival. By sticking the cherp into the wood, the miner made sure whether the wood was still healthy and therefore viable or whether it had already rotted on the inside and was therefore dangerous.

But the Tscherper knife was also used in everyday life, such as cutting bread and sausages at the Tcherper meal, which was still taking place.

With a blade thickness of 4-4.5mm and a blade length of 120mm, the Tscherper was a powerful all-purpose knife. The blades are hand-forged for tough everyday use.

Under the expert guidance of master blacksmiths Rüdiger Willecke and Ralf Siegemund, you can forge your own Tscherper knife in a suitable atmosphere at the Rammelsberg World Heritage Site during a two-day workshop. Learn what hardening and tempering the blade is all about and what happens when the handle is made for a wedding.

Dates 2024: 02.02.-03.02. / 01.03.-02.03. / 05.04.-06.04. / 13.09.-14.09./ 25.10.-26.10./ 22.11-23.11

Time: Fri.: 4 p.m. – approx. 9 p.m. | Sat., 10 a.m. – 6 p.m

Registration at:

Cost: €440

"The money was on the shelf"

Guided tour through the former central magazine of the Rammelsberg mine

Until the late 1980s, central magazines were not uncommon for companies. Only the strategy of uninterrupted supply chains and fast delivery has made these facilities obsolete. The central magazine building from the 1930s is still preserved at the Rammelsberg World Heritage Site.

During the tour, the material management of the ore mine is explained and an original storage room of the magazine, with old shelves in which countless spare parts are stored, is visited.

Starting point: Museum box office, 11 a.m

Date: 27th April

Price: €18

Please register at

Week of Nature

The Bingo Environmental Foundation is planning a "Week of Nature" in Lower Saxony for the first time this year. Together with various institutions, they want to create offers to strengthen and raise awareness of nature. Established examples already exist in Berlin and Hamburg.

This year, the "Week of Nature" campaign will take place from June 15 to June 23, right before the summer vacations in Lower Saxony, and we, the Rammelsberg World Heritage Site, will be taking part with a hike through the cultural landscape and a waste collection campaign. Please consider, they are held in german language.


15. Juni 2024: Bergbauspuren auf Schritt und Tritt - Eine Wanderung durch die Rammelsberger Kulturlandschaft

A hike for anyone interested.


19. Juni 2024: Z(s)auberhafte Kulturlandschaft

An offer for school classes.

Sunday Matinee

Iron ore mining in the Salzgitter mountain range. The Fortuna, Morgenstern and Ida mines

Iron mining around Liebenburg. Until the early 1960s, there were many small but important iron ore mines around Liebenburg. Dipl.-Berging. Stefan Dützer presents three of these mines in his lecture. In addition to the historical view, the still visible evidence of this chapter of local mining history in the immediate vicinity of the Rammelsberg will also be presented.

Venue: Rammelsberg World Heritage Site, video room
Start: 11.00 a.m.
Date: April 28
Speaker: Stefan Dützer
Admission free

International Museum Day 19th May

Special guided tour: The Rammelsberg ore mine under National Socialism

During the years of National Socialist rule in Germany from 1933 to 1945, the Rammelsberg ore mine was completely rebuilt. Almost all of the existing buildings were demolished. The ore mine was given a completely new "face" with new opencast facilities. The guided tour of the mine site gives a deep insight into life and work at Rammelsberg during this period.

Guided tour times: 11.00 am and 2.00 pm

Where: Rammelsberg World Heritage Site

The tour is free of charge.

Registration at info@rammelsbergSchreiben Sie


Attention: Gnomes in the miner's house!A legendary play in the old town of Goslar

Together with the Rammelsberg mountain gnomes, there is an exciting search game for families with children in the miner's house; Angelika Kiebach from the Harz Club is also involved with the topic of lace-making.

Location: Bergmannshaus, Forststraße 23

Time: 11 am to 3 pm

Price: free of charge with donation

Fotowalk underground

Over 1,000 years of mining history in your focus!

On the unique underground photo walk, you will be accompanied by a professional photographer who will be by your side with tips and tricks for your best snapshot. In a historically authentic setting, you are at the workplaces of the former Rammelsberg miners on site. Machinery, colorful vitrioles and hidden details - focus on your favorite place! Recommended equipment: tripod, flashlight (strong light if possible) and flashlight.

Time: 2pm - 5pm
Price: €37.00 including tips from the professional photographer.

Tickets at Onlineshop

This event will be held in german language. 

Dates: 23.02./24.02./10.08/26.10.

Rammelsberg Steiger Run

For all sporty friends of the Mountain, on the 17th of August you can participate at the Rammelsberg Steiger run, brought to life by the TSG Jerstedt 1888.

Here you can find more information and how you can applicate.  


Christmassy Rammelsberg on December 14th and 15th

Look forward to the Christmas Rammelsberg on December 14th and 15th here at the Rammelsberg World Heritage Site. More information you can find here.

The Rammelsberg Flyer

The flyer for the Rammelsberg World Heritage Site gives you an overview of the museum houses and exhibitions as well as the tours offered, and it also contains information about the events taking place in 2024.

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Programm for children and teenagers


The World Heritage Rammelsberg offers a wide variaty of programm points for children and youth groups.  You can find them here in this german Flyer. 


Events in the World Heritage in the Harz Mountains App

The events of the Rammelsberg and the other parts of the World Heritage in the Harz Mountains can be found in the official World Heritage in the Harz Mountains App. The app can be found free of charge in the app stores of Google and Apple.