Poetry Slam

About Life under ground

Two reading rounds, one topic and one goal - to win the hearts of the audience for yourself and your text.

Great ABC sport is guaranteed again at Rammelsberg when the wild words fly once more in the "Alte Schlosserei". From thought-provoking to tongue-in-cheek and fast-paced, but always right to the heart.


The poetry slam for the "Grubenleben" exhibition at the Rammelsberg World Heritage Site

Poetry battle with five poets over two rounds of readings and hosts Henning Chadde and Jan Sedelies.

Clouds of tobacco, a lively buzz of voices and the clinking of beer bottles. Proudly posing men with tired, satisfied eyes, skat sheets, open Bild newspapers, grilled sausages and neck steaks. Framed by smiling pin-up girls and occasionally, at the right time, a decorated, tinsel-spangled Christmas tree. If that doesn't sound just like the little pub in our street. But fiddlesticks!

Instead, we find ourselves in the middle of the underground working world, or rather the world of breaks - in the tunnels, recreation rooms and above-ground workshops of the Rammelsberg mine. The hard physical and often dangerous work "on shift" urgently required self-created and, in some cases, self-determined places of rest and retreat. To recharge their batteries, switch off and breathe in some "privacy" according to their own ideas. Together, among "buddies". And it was often precisely these places and moments that made a feeling of honest camaraderie possible in the first place and thus continued in the memories of the workers for generations.

At the poetry slam "Über Leben unter Tage" (about life under ground), five poets from the German-speaking slam scene will explore this feeling of camaraderie using selected exhibition photos. From thoughtful to tongue-in-cheek and humorous, they write new stories about the protagonists and images. What was that again about the sausages? And are they actually vegan? Why do some buddies let their hair down, and not just because of the hard backbreaking work? And last but not least: is the pit choir in the photo perhaps singing "The little cookie in our tunnel - where life is still worth living", inspired by Peter Alexander?

The evening will be hosted by the convinced surface night workers Henning Chadde and Jan Sedelies ("Macht Worte!" - der hannoversche Poetry Slam, Büro für Popkultur, HAZ).

An event organized by the Rammelsberg World Cultural Heritage Site in cooperation with "Macht Worte!" - the Hanoverian poetry slam.




Event dates:

Friday, September 20, 2024:


The poetry slam for the exhibition "Grubenleben"

Poetry slam with five poets over two reading rounds and moderators Henning Chadde and Jan Sedelies.

Venue: Rammelsberg World Heritage Site / Alte Schlosserei, Bergtal 19, 38640 Goslar

Start: 19:30 (admission: 18:30)

Admission: 20,- Euro, reduced: 18,- Euro

Tickets are available on site and in the online store 

An event organized by the Rammelsberg World Heritage Site in cooperation with "Macht Worte!" - the Hanoverian poetry slam.

This event is in german language.

Yesterday - Today - Tomorrow

Der 25. Internationale Bergbau & Montanhistorik-Workshop

The main organizer of the workshop is the Förderverein Weltkulturerbe Erzbergwerk Rammelsberg e.V.. The venue will be the Rammelsberg. For the welcome evening we will meet at the former seat of the maltermeister next to the Winkler Wetterschacht. The Ottiliaeschacht in Clausthal-Zellerfeld has been reserved for the closing evening. Participants are the Oberharzer Geschichts- und Museumsverein e.V. and ProDampf Osterode e.V.. The latter will take care of the transfer of participants by train and the festive illumination of the oldest preserved headframe in Germany.

The event is planned as follows:

Thursday 26.09.24: Registration, half-day excursions, welcome evening
Friday 27.09.24: Lectures and program at Rammelsberg
Saturday 28.09.24: Lectures
Sunday 29.09.24: Half-day excursions and closing evening
Monday 30.09.24: Full-day excursions

An interesting program of excursions and lectures has already been put together. Follow this link for further information from the organizer.

This event is held in german language.


The Rathstiefste Gallery - Expedition into the middle ages

For this guided tour you need stamina and waterproof clothing!

Kitted out with a mining lamp and protective equipment you will enter the underground world of mediaeval mining. Everywhere in the Rathstiefste Stollen there is evidence of mining activity from the 12th century (or even older). You will find out how the miners must have felt in this place hundreds of years ago. At the end you will be rewarded with a hearty miner's "Tscherper" meal. Are you ready for an adventure in the oldest accessible water drainage gallery in the world?

Information about the guided tour (only with pre-booking as a group)

Tour duration: 4 hours

Group size 5 to 9 people

Minimum age 14 years

Price: 109 € (incl. Tscherper meal)

Tour dates are displayed in the event calendar. If a desired date is booked out, feel free to contact us so we can arrange for you and your group your own guided tour.

Unfortunately, this tour is not wheelchair- accessible and not suitable for persons with reduced mobility! 

Workshop imaginary

Models, experiments and puzzles about the Rammelsberg

What were mining models used for, who built them and what did they look like?

How and why was an inclined conveyor built and what is it?

How was ink made and what does it have to do with the mine? Questions upon questions and the answers and more can be found here:


We tell you exciting stories about technology and chemistry, each at: 11:00, 12:00, 14:00.

Building, constructing, experimenting, playing, crafting, painting from 11 am to 3 pm:

Today you have the opportunity to try out different technical models, learn about their function and understand them. We will also conduct small chemical experiments and make a very special paint. Fun Rammelsberg puzzles and a table for building and constructing round off the program.

Over-day admission (included when booking guided tours) + €2 material costs per person


Date: 3rd August 2024

Blacksmith courses at the Rammelsberg – Create your own Tscherperknife

Also known today as a Tscherper, this hand-forged knife was an indispensable universal tool for every miner. He used it for all sorts of jobs like cleaning the lights, repairing the equipment and checking the wooden tunnel support, which was vital for survival. By sticking the cherp into the wood, the miner made sure whether the wood was still healthy and therefore viable or whether it had already rotted on the inside and was therefore dangerous.

But the Tscherper knife was also used in everyday life, such as cutting bread and sausages at the Tcherper meal, which was still taking place.

With a blade thickness of 4-4.5mm and a blade length of 120mm, the Tscherper was a powerful all-purpose knife. The blades are hand-forged for tough everyday use.

Under the expert guidance of master blacksmiths Rüdiger Willecke and Ralf Siegemund, you can forge your own Tscherper knife in a suitable atmosphere at the Rammelsberg World Heritage Site during a two-day workshop. Learn what hardening and tempering the blade is all about and what happens when the handle is made for a wedding.

Dates 2024: 02.02.-03.02. / 01.03.-02.03. / 05.04.-06.04. / 13.09.-14.09./ 25.10.-26.10./ 22.11-23.11

Time: Fri.: 4 p.m. – approx. 9 p.m. | Sat., 10 a.m. – 6 p.m

Registration at: technik@rammelsberg.de

Cost: €440

Mining, trees, bark beetles

Harz forest, timber and mining - climate change and forestry

This summer, the Rammelsberg World Heritage Site is offering special guided tours that tell exciting and informative stories about the historical connection between the Harz forest, wood and mining. Wood has always been an indispensable raw material for mining, and spruce monocultures characterised the Harz landscape for a long time. Spruce wood, favoured for its fast growth rate and positive properties, was used for underground timber extraction, the construction of vehicles, tools and machinery as well as for "fire-setting" and the production of charcoal for ore smelting.
However, in recent years, extreme weather conditions and climate change have taken their toll on the Harz forests. Storms, drought and the bark beetle have weakened the spruce monocultures. Today, the Harz forest is undergoing a transition to a more species-rich mixed forest.
In the past, human activities, especially mining, also had a significant impact on the environment, leading to large areas of clear-cutting. The guided tours in the Rammelsberg shed light on these historical connections and show the diverse use of wood in mining, from the underground timber structures to the imposing water wheels and "fire setting".
Time: 14.00 - 16.00
Price: 18 euros
Please register at info@rammelsberg.de


Dates: 26. June, 02. July, 16. July, 22. July

Sunday-Matinee: Berggeschrei & Goldrausch

Would it really have been possible for Ritter Ramm's horse to dig up a piece of ore under its hooves at Rammelsberg? Starting from Goslar, the speaker, Dr. Wilfried Ließmann, takes interested people on a journey to various ore districts around the world and looks at the beginnings of mining there. In many places, there are legends and myths surrounding them. One striking example is the great “Berggeschrei”, which marked the beginning of the (re)establishment of silver mining in the Upper Harz 500 years ago. This lecture will first look at well-known mining areas in the Ore Mountains, Scandinavia and the Alps. The focus then shifts to important ore deposits overseas, where most mineral raw materials come from today. Examples from America and Australia are presented, where the term gold rush aptly describes the initial run on valuable precious metals. However, this is the exception, because in reality the search for ore is usually lengthy and unspectacular, but very labor-intensive and only in a few cases crowned with brilliant success.

Date: July 28
Time: 11.00 a.m.
Place: Rammelsberg World Cultural Heritage Site, video room
Speaker: Wilfried Ließmann
Admission is free.


Fotowalk underground

Over 1,000 years of mining history in your focus!

On the unique underground photo walk, you will be accompanied by a professional photographer who will be by your side with tips and tricks for your best snapshot. In a historically authentic setting, you are at the workplaces of the former Rammelsberg miners on site. Machinery, colorful vitrioles and hidden details - focus on your favorite place! Recommended equipment: tripod, flashlight (strong light if possible) and flashlight.

Time: 2pm - 5pm
Price: €37.00 including tips from the professional photographer.

Tickets at rammelsberg.de Onlineshop

This event will be held in german language. 

Dates: 23.02./24.02./10.08/26.10.

Christmassy Rammelsberg on December 14th and 15th

Look forward to the Christmas Rammelsberg on December 14th and 15th here at the Rammelsberg World Heritage Site. More information you can find here. 

Further information will follow to a later time.

Rammelsberg Steiger Run

For all sporty friends of the Mountain, on the 17th of August you can participate at the Rammelsberg Steiger run, brought to life by the TSG Jerstedt 1888.

Here you can find more information and how you can applicate.  


The Rammelsberg Flyer

The flyer for the Rammelsberg World Heritage Site gives you an overview of the museum houses and exhibitions as well as the tours offered, and it also contains information about the events taking place in 2024.

Download (german language, 2024 version)

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Programm for children and teenagers


The World Heritage Rammelsberg offers a wide variaty of programm points for children and youth groups.  You can find them here in this german Flyer. 


Events in the World Heritage in the Harz Mountains App

The events of the Rammelsberg and the other parts of the World Heritage in the Harz Mountains can be found in the official World Heritage in the Harz Mountains App. The app can be found free of charge in the app stores of Google and Apple.