World Heritage Day in the World Heritage in the Harz Mountains on June 4th 2023

"Our world. Our heritage. Our responsibility.” is the motto of this year's World Heritage Day, on June 4, 2023.
Together with the old town of Goslar, the Rammelsberg was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1992. In 2010, the World Heritage was expanded by the Upper Harz Water Management.
As a joint world heritage site, the Rammelsberg World Heritage Site, GOSLAR marketing gmbh and the World Heritage Foundation in the Harz Mountains are organizing a festival on two event areas.
Among other things, the topic "How can we sustainably preserve and preserve our world heritage?" plays a central role.
Theme-oriented hands-on activities and information stands for the whole family as well as suppliers of regional products can be found at the "Marktkirche" and at the "Rammelsberg World Heritage Site".

Traveling with the miner in the shuttle!
The World Heritage shuttle is waiting for you at the Imperial Palace and will take you back and forth between the event areas free of charge. During the trip you will learn interesting facts about the connection between the old town and the mining industry and the Upper Harz water management system.

Collect stamps and win!
At the hands-on sales stands you can diligently collect stamps and win great prizes. If you collect at least four stamps, you can put your ticket number into the lottery drum at the information stands on Marktkirchenplatz or at the Rammelsberg World Heritage Site and, with a little luck, win great prizes.
Location: Marktkirchenplatz Goslar | Rammelsberg World Heritage Site

Time: 11 a.m. to 4 p.m
Program Marktkirchenplatz Goslar
Challenge "Hand in Hand"
Be there when it says, according to the motto "Our world. Our heritage. Our responsibility.” Immortalize yourself (until the next rain) with your handprint on the court of the market church. It takes around 600 hands around the Marktkirche to send a signal that Goslar is committed to a future of the world's heritage.

Rally "From Goslar into the World"
Have you ever visited the Pyramids of Giza? No? never mind Because today you are visiting the "whole world" in the World Heritage Information Center in Goslar. During the rally you will learn how to become a world heritage site or why a world heritage site is unique and worthy of protection. There are questions for young and old, so it's best to answer them together and collect stamps afterwards. The rally sheets are available at the information stand of the World Heritage Foundation in the Harz Mountains.

World heritage in art
How does an artist look at a world heritage site that is as large and diverse as the world heritage site in the Harz Mountains? How does she see the future of a world heritage site marked by climate change and war? You will find out bit by bit when Melina Berg lets her work of art grow at the foot of the venerable town hall over the course of the day.

World heritage from above
The Market church has been in continuous use for more than 850 years. The equipment dates from different centuries and mostly still fulfills a function today. Free guided tours are offered at 12:30 p.m. and 2:30 p.m.
Change your perspective of the world heritage site and climb up to the top of the market church tower. How many half-timbered houses can you count from up here and can you still see the medieval layout of the city? Admission is available on World Heritage Day at a special price of €2.

World heritage museum
You can also visit the Imperial Palace and the museums on the Museumsufer. Admission is free on this special day. The tin figure museum is organizing a painting event at the town hall.
future protector
Local actors such as NABU, BUND, MachMit!Haus, Goslarer Stadtforst, Natur- und Umwelthilfe Goslar, Jägerschaft and DM present themselves with a wide range of offers and provide active insights and opportunities for a sustainable approach to the environment and the world cultural heritage.

Program Rammelsberg
WORLDS OF THINGS: touch – try – be amazed
From 11 a.m., the Rammelsberg invites all visitors to the colorful treasure chamber.
Workshops for the whole family
Immerse yourself in the work of the scientist and examine special objects from the museum collection. In a small workshop, you identify objects, place them in the correct century and make an inventory of the object using a typewriter.
Your knowledge and creativity will be asked for in a quiz on the subject of "Miners' lamps and clothing". How do miners' clothing from crew chews differ from clothing from earlier centuries? Which lamp did the miners use underground before the "frog"?
"Worlds of things: touch - try - be amazed"
The “Worlds of Things” exhibition opens on World Heritage Day.
Discover special exhibits from the Rammelsberg collection and learn more about their history and uses.

Fun and games on the factory road from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m

From 11 a.m. wheelbarrow race

12:30 p.m. and 2:45 p.m. Guided tour of the Preussag camp

All day: Loader Parade: presentation of vehicles from the former mining operation; We receive support on World Heritage Day from the “Pro Dampf” association. The steam locomotive from the Ottliae shaft will be presented, where you can collect a stamp on a trip. Craft workshop: Build your own lamp The Restoration Workers' Group will present their work and projects. At a handicraft workshop you can assemble your own "frogs" out of wood.

The museum restaurant Casino provides for the physical well-being of warm and cold dishes and drinks. At the Rammelsberg information stand you can find out more about the Rammelsberg World Heritage Site and there are small prizes to be won in a quiz for young and old on the wheel of fortune.

Admission to the museum on World Heritage Day is free. Guided tours through the Roeder tunnel, the ore processing, "Shift at the shaft" and the ride on the mine train are subject to a fee.

On the road with a miner in the World Heritage

The World Heritage shuttle runs between the event locations every 30 minutes and takes you free of charge from the old town to Rammelsberg and back again. Accompanied by a world heritage guide, you will learn a lot to marvel at the world heritage along the way. The World Heritage shuttle starts at the Imperial Palace. Colorful graffiti on the way lead you from the market church to the bus stop.



The poetry slam with the topic „Transport through the ages“

Never change a running team!

At the third Poetry Slam in the Rammelsberg World Heritage Site, the motto is again: four poets, two reading groups, one topic and one goal - to win the hearts of the audience for yourself and your text. Great ABC sport is guaranteed when the wild words fly again in the "Alte Schlosserei" on October 6, 2023. This time on the topic "Heavy in motion - transport through the ages". From lasting-thoughtful to tongue-in-cheek-rapid, but always accurate and straight to the heart.

An event organized by the Rammelsberg World Heritage Site in cooperation with "Make Words!" - the Hanoverian poetry slam. 

Event Dates: Friday 06 October 2023

Location: World Heritage Site Rammelsberg/Alte Schlosserei, Bergtal 19, 38640 Goslar

Start 7:30 p.m. (Admission: 6:30 p.m.)

Admission: €18 / reduced €15

Tickets sales has started on site and online.

This event will be held in german language.

Medieval Adventure: The Rathstiefste Gallery

For this guided tour you need stamina and waterproof clothing! Kitted out with a mining lamp and protective equipment you will enter the underground world of mediaeval mining. Everywhere in the Rathstiefste Stollen there is evidence of mining activity from the 12th century (or even older). You will find out how the miners must have felt in this place hundreds of years ago. At the end you will be rewarded with a hearty miner's "Tscherper" meal. Are you ready for an adventure in the oldest accessible water drainage gallery in the world?

Information about the guided tour (only with pre-booking as a group)

Tour duration: 4 hours

Group size 5 to 9 people

Minimum age 14 years

(incl. Tscherper meal)

Tour dates are displayed in the event calendar. 

Unfortunately, this tour is not wheelchair- accessible and not suitable for persons with reduced mobility!

This event will be held in german language.

Miner's Rock 2023


Fr. 18. August: Völkerball
Sa. 19. August: NIEDECKENS BAP
So. 20. August: Beyond the Black 

Live music in a special place. Celebrate with us this unique event "above days". For tickets please follow the links.

Blacksmith courses at the Rammelsberg – Create your own Tscherperknife

Also known today as a Tscherper, this hand-forged knife was an indispensable universal tool for every miner. He used it for all sorts of jobs like cleaning the lights, repairing the equipment and checking the wooden tunnel support, which was vital for survival. By sticking the cherp into the wood, the miner made sure whether the wood was still healthy and therefore viable or whether it had already rotted on the inside and was therefore dangerous.

But the Tscherper knife was also used in everyday life, such as cutting bread and sausages at the Tcherper meal, which was still taking place.

With a blade thickness of 4-4.5mm and a blade length of 120mm, the Tscherper was a powerful all-purpose knife. The blades are hand-forged for tough everyday use.

Under the expert guidance of master blacksmiths Rüdiger Willecke and Ralf Siegemund, you can forge your own Tscherper knife in a suitable atmosphere at the Rammelsberg World Heritage Site during a two-day workshop. Learn what hardening and tempering the blade is all about and what happens when the handle is made for a wedding.

Dates: March 3 – 4, 2023

3/31 – 4/1/.2023

5/5/ – 5/6/2023

9/29 – 9/30/2023

Time: Fri.: 4 p.m. – approx. 9 p.m. | Sat., 10 a.m. – 6 p.m

Registration at:

Cost: €440

Art exhibition Martin Gremse

Sculptures - Paintings - Installations

April 16th 2023 to Juli 2nd 2023

The oeuvre of the artist Martin Gremse, whose works are closely linked to the raw materials from the Harz Mountains, is shown in a studio atmosphere. His sculptures made of glass and silver are spectacular, but his pictures, which are often associated with the "colors of the Rammelsberg", also show the close connection between his art and mining in the Harz Mountains.

You will find the exhibition in our so called "Schwerspatraum".

More about the accompanying programm you can find here and in the event calendar

Galerieabend mit Lesung und interaktivem Dialog

Lesung aus „ Der Doppelgänger “ von Fjodor M. Dostojewski in der Bearbeitung von Clemens Mädge. Gelesen von Magdalene Artelt und Marie-Thérèse Fontheim.
Nach der Lesung gibt es einen Austausch zum Thema “Spiegelungen und ihre Facetten: gesellschaftspolitische, physiologische und psychologische Gedanken“ mit Sabine Fontheim und Gertrude Endejan-Gremse.

Anschließend: „Facetten von Spiegelungen“ - interaktiver Dialog

„Ist mein Leben denn nicht auch ein Stück Stoff wie aus einem Roman? (DER DOPPELGÄNGER. Fjodor M. Dostojewski)

Die Erzählung von Fjodor M. Dostojewski ist zeitlos und somit aktuell. Damals wie heute fordern gesellschaftliche Grenzsituationen und Zeitenwenden den Menschen heraus. Dabei können innere Konflikte zwischen dem Bedürfnis nach Gesehenwerden und angenehmer Selbstdarstellung entstehen ebenso wie im Zwischenmenschlichen hinsichtlich der eigenen Spiegelung und dem Spiegel der Anderen. Die Herausforderungen der medialen Welt nach Öffentlichkeit verstricken uns Menschen in einen Identitätskonflikt zwischen dem ureigenen Bedürfnis nach Intimität und dem unausweichlichen Druckgefühl dauernder Beobachtung, Bewertung, Kontrolle, Rechtfertigung. Wer hat die Fäden in der Hand?

Psychologen und Physiologen fragen nach der Bedeutung der Spiegelneuronen für das gemeinschaftliche und die individuelle Lebensgestaltung? „ Alles ist eine Kopie einer Kopie einer Kopie“ ( nach Credibil -Schlaflos  Lyrics ).

16. Juni, 19.00 Uhr
Kosten: 15 €


Between horse and electric locomotive - traction change at Rammelsberg

The conversion of ore mining in the mountain to locomotive operation took place late on the Rammelsberg. Uncertain about the new technologies, experiments were carried out with batteries, contact lines and diesel engines. This lecture provides information about the results and the consequences for mine operations.

Speaker: Dipl.-Berging. Stefan Dutzer
Location: Rammelsberg World Heritage Site, video room
Date: 06/25/2023
Time: 11:00 a.m
Admission is free.

This event is held in german language.

Christmassy Rammelsberg on December 16th and 17th

Look forward to the Christmas Rammelsberg on December 16th and 17th here at the Rammelsberg World Heritage Site. More information will follow.

Fotowalk underground

Over 1,000 years of mining history in your focus!

On the unique underground photo walk, you will be accompanied by a professional photographer who will be by your side with tips and tricks for your best snapshot. In a historically authentic setting, you are at the workplaces of the former Rammelsberg miners on site. Machinery, colorful vitrioles and hidden details - focus on your favorite place! Recommended equipment: tripod, flashlight (strong light if possible) and flashlight.

Dates: March 10th, March 17th, November 3rd
Time: 2pm - 5pm
Price: €35.00 / €25.00 including tips from the professional photographer.

Tickets at Onlineshop

This event will be held in german language. 

Youth Academy

The mine railway: Rail-bound transport through the ages

education for Sustainable Development Pupils take the mine train to the workplace of the former Rammelsberg miners. But the historical development of rail transport can look back on a long history. Which raw materials were transported from the mine to the smelter and, above all, with which means of transport? The history of transport routes hides some surprises and lasting insights,

The youth academy can be booked individually for children and youth groups between April 24th and October 13th.
Cost: €9 per student + €95 per workshop
Please register two weeks before your visit.
More organizational information such as day, time, costs and arrival on weekdays at: 05321-750 0,

The Rammelsberg 2023


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