Visitor Rules

Notes for our visitors

-Visitor regulations-

Dear visitor, we warmly welcome you to the Rammelsberg World Cultural Heritage Museum and Visitor Mine and wish you a pleasant stay here. We would like to ask you to observe the following information during your visit:

Compliance with hygiene rules
In order to protect against infection against Covid-19 and other diseases, please follow the usual hygiene rules and recover at home if you become ill.

Mouth and nose protection
There is currently no obligation (status: 06/01/2022) to wear a face mask, but you are welcome to do so voluntarily.

Following instructions
The instructions of the staff and the information signs on the site must be followed.

Outdoor area
Please note that there may be road traffic outside on weekdays. It is not a protected area. Parents are responsible for their children.

Backpacks, bags etc. can be stored in our lockers.

In the underground areas there is a constant temperature of 10° to 12° Celsius. You can do this with usual street clothes and sturdy shoes. You are responsible for keeping your clothes clean. Helmets are compulsory underground. Helmets are available in sufficient numbers. Please only enter the underground areas accompanied by our mine guides and follow their instructions. Do not enter the cordoned off areas.

Not all tours are suitable for small children. Children can only take part in underground tours from the age of 4 years. Noise disturbances may occur. Please inquire at Visitor Services or in advance at our booking office.

Changing table
A changing table is available in the toilet for people with disabilities.

Climbing on machines and systems
Due to the possible risk of accidents, it is not allowed to climb on machines and systems.

Duty of supervision
The legal guardians and persons responsible for supervision (teachers, supervisors, etc.) are responsible for supervising minors during the entire visit to the museum.

Unfortunately, animals - with the exception of assistance dogs - may not be brought into the museum.

Film and photo shoots, drones
Film and photo recordings for personal use are permitted. Personal rights must be observed. Commercial recordings are subject to approval and a fee and must be registered before visiting the museum. Drones may only fly over the site with express permission. 05321 / 750 156 or email: wetzel@rammelsbergSchreiben Sie

Publication of photos and film recordings of events
By participating in an event, guests and participants agree that photos and film recordings of the event may be published on the Rammelsberg World Heritage website, in social networks or in their own print documentation.

Blocking of individual areas
It is possible that areas are cordoned off and cannot be visited as part of the traffic safety obligation or during special events.

Your tickets are valid for one-time entry and are non-transferrable. Please keep the admission tickets until the end of your visit.

Lost property
Please hand in lost and found items at the museum cash desk.

Behavior on the museum area
People who are obviously under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating substances are not allowed to take part in a guided tour. Persons whose behavior disrupts or endangers museum operations or damages the reputation of the museum can be excluded from visiting the museum. This also applies to violations of these user regulations. The entrance fee is non-refundable.

The mine and processing plant have been idle for years. You will sometimes enter areas where increased caution is required.

Visitors are liable for all damage and consequential damage in the museum area caused by them. Parents are responsible for their children.

Status: 5/20 (Corona topics: 6/22)