Special exhibitions


Every year, the Rammelsberg presents its visitors with exciting new special exhibitions on the topics of mining, industrial culture and world heritage. And if you can't imagine how you can always design new and exciting exhibitions from this topic, here are a few examples from the past few years:

Mine life - photographs from the working world of the Rammelsberg miners
Machine halls - The fascination of technology and space

Living and working under duress: forced laborers at the Rammelsberg ore mine 1939 - 1945
Young Climate Action for World Heritage
Worlds of things: touch - try - be amazed
Art exhibition Martin Gremse: sculptures - paintings - installations

"1100 years Goslar - build with success"
Doris Marten: Formations in the rhythm of time
"Mariano Rinaldi Goni: Ore-Norns - Myths, Colors & Metals"

"Journeys into the womb of mother earth - mining tourism in the Harz Mountains"

"Places of work" - paintings and graphics from the collection of Prof. Dr. Volker Neubert

"City People - Mountain People"
"Alexander Calvelli - World Heritage Images from the Harz Mountains"
"Industrial architecture of modernity reflected in photography"

"Artifacts VI- Water"
"Animal mining - horses, donkeys and pit dogs in the Harz Mountains"
"Tricture - Mining in 3D"

"Froschlampe - Lamps from the Harz Mining"
"A quarter of a century of world heritage - 25 years of monument mediation"

"Miners' children - childhood and youth in the Montan region Harz"

"Mo(nu)ment recording!" Photographs from the West Harz Mining

"Perspectives of World Heritage - Rammelsberg Ore Mine, Old Town of Goslar and Upper Harz Water Management"

"The Living Monument. The UNESCO World Heritage Fagus Factory."
"83 years in the service of the miners - now in the museum. The history of the Oberle shoemaker's workshop."

"Hard Work. Worker Sculptures 1850 – 1950. The Werner Bibl Collection of the LWL Industrial Museum in Dortmund."